Title: Good info10/1/2015 11:07:56 AM
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Title: attitude1/25/2016 3:38:07 PM
Rude. Didn't bring all our food and when called got nasty and said we didn't order the missing items. We did cuz I went over oder 3 times before I call to place order. The order was written down on my notebook before I called order in. The food was nasty. Put sauce on sweet and sour chicken and it was all soggy. They wouldn't make right. Wouldn't bring us missing food on a $70 order. Don't order from them. You'll be sorry.
Title: food and services1/25/2016 3:29:50 PM
On January 22,2016 We ordered a large amount of food. It took over an hour to get. When we did receive it wasn't all there and everything was slopping leaking out and sticky sauces on outside of plates and on everything. We call them and the management was rude and nasty and said we didn't order the missing ideas. I personally ordered the food. I used the letters and numbers along side of the entree. Went over them three or more times so I know I ordered all the food. I also wrote down the prices of everything and they changed me over $10 more than my total. Didn't want to accept any responsibility for the messy food, missing food or the more than $10 extra charges. Want order from them again although we've been odering food from them for 10yrs.
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