Title: terrible service4/25/2015 2:57:02 PM
I ordered red star at 3 in the afternoon, which isn't a busy time yet it took red star TWO HOURS to deliver and they refused to even do anything about it. I'm very disappointed with this restaurant. At this point I would never order from this restaurant again.
Title: love me some Red Star4/19/2014 2:52:05 PM
I've been going there for years and i have no plans to stop
Title: 2019/3/20 4:08:55
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Title: 2018/12/17 21:17:10
Hello, We are a few docs that will be working Christmas at Ochsner. We want to know will you be open Christmas night to deliver at 7pm. Thanks!
Title: 2018/12/14 4:25:36
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Title: Decent, Reasonably Priced2009-11-16T00:00:00
It's hard to find good Chinese takeout in this area, but Red Star was not half bad. Generous portions, good mix of meat and vegetables with minimal filler, pretty good prices, and they deliver. ...?
Title: Perfectly suited to reasonable expectations2009-11-15T00:00:00
I've ordered delivery from this place a few times. They have quick, good food. That's exactly what I expect from a Chinese restaurant. Hefty portions, good taste. Don't expect it to change your life, but it'll definitely satisfy your craving.?
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